1955 Simca Aronde Messagere

Even in times of hardship the French know how to add a touch of elegance to articles for everyday use, even to utility vehicles. Please note the beautiful, soft lines of this commercial version of the Simca Aronde, called the Messagère (messenger). It targeted merchants who wanted to express distinction to their clients without showing off.
This is a well-restored example of the second series Aronde, built from 1955 to 1958. Under the bonnet is a 45hp, 1.3 litre four-cylinder engine called ‘Flash’. It didn’t really live up to its name, but most im- portantly: it did the job. The loading compartment could be accessed via a double hatch with an upper and a lower half. The adverts em- phasised the use of the lower half as an extended platform for larger loads.

The Simca Aronde (swallow) made its debut in 1951 and thanks to this model Simca became the second largest car manufacturer in France: 1.4 million Arondes were made before production ended in 1964. The Aronde was even produced in Australia by Chrysler.

1.3 litre four-cylinder ‘Flash’
Power output
Load capacity

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