1975 Morris Mini Van

While the Austin/Morris Mini saloon was gradually equipped with more luxurious fittings during its more than 40-year production span, the commercial variants of this extremely popular vehicle remained rather rudimentary in appearance. In the 1970s they still had the same features as the first series of Minis dating back to the end of the 1950s, such as sliding windows and external door hinges. These versions also lacked a chrome grille – simple stamped slots in the front panel provided the airflow to the engine. Still, over half a million Mini vans were made, but due to the fact that it was used predomi- nantly as a workhorse, it is now a fairly rare car.

This specific example, built in 1975 and first registered in The Netherlands in January 1976, has been faithfully restored and has only 35,000 kilometres on the odometer. It has an enhanced 1,275cc engine, 10” disc brakes and Cooper seats.

The concept for the Mini evolved in 1956 at the time of the Suez Crisis and global oil shortages. Alec Issigonis provided the box-like design, saving a lot of space by placing the engine transversely in the front and using front wheel-drive. Production of the Mini started in 1959, the van was introduced a year later.

1,275cc four-cylinder
Load capacity
Special details
Well-restored, rare car

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